We use advanced
Analytics and Machine Learning
to improve performance at a
lower cost

Formulating a Digital Transformation Blueprint & Strategic Digital Assessment

At Digital Orchestrators we understand that digital maturity can help transform businesses.

This service assists ambitious companies to analyse their current organisation (process, people and technology), in a holistic manner and determine their organization’s readiness towards digital transformation.

Armed with the proficiency to be a digital game changer, we specialise in carrying out various assessments, technical evaluations and business analytics. This also includes creating a blue print and a strategic roadmap of a company’s future digital journey.

Building Modern Data Infrastructure for your organisation 

To boost an organisation’s journey of Data transformation & data management, it needs a meticulous modern data infrastructure. To build this structure, we diligently interpret the current data architecture by estimating all the efficiencies and deficiencies. After this, we fabricate the most appropriate data architecture to match the organisation’s requirements.

  Our team has the expertise in transforming your current legacy data landscape into the most advanced and futuristic mode, by building cloud-based data landscapes such as data marts, data Lake, comprehensive data warehouse, etc.

This high-performance and scalable architecture helps you in achieving unmatched data management goals.

Creating intelligence and Insights though Advanced Data Science capabilities

Digital Orchestrators has an extensive experience in Data Science. We have the capability to transform data into insights and help our clients to perform better.

We also leverage our diverse industry experience and deep domain expertise to offer analytical solutions that delivers real-time impact.

Driving end to end efficiency & effectiveness through Intelligent Automation 

Organisations are struggling to keep up with the fast-moving consumer market demand which requires them to drive efficiencies and effectiveness in their operations. This is where Digital Orchestrators will step in.

The Digital Orchestrators team has extensive knowledge in the field of Business Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We come with a unique set of capabilities of process science and technology expertise that delivers AI enabled business operations. We weave automation technology along with advanced cognitive solutions such as ML, Computer vision, NLP, DL etc to drive efficiency.

Bolstering Extensive DevOps capability for your product development requirements

Partnering with Digital Orchestrators will help bolster you development projects, Be it Design Thinking or Agile, DevOps or Continuous Delivery, our processes promise maturity and excellence that further amplifies the agility in our product delivery lifecycle.

Our DevOps process ensures that the system infrastructure is quickly rationalised, normalised, and brought into the fold of our CI-CD processes, thus yielding quick and assured benefits of automation and reliability to the project.

Our continuous delivery of building, testing and releasing software to production is characterised by speed, reliably and accuracy.

Devising Build+Operate+Transfer Intelligent Operations for large organisations

Digital transformation has become an imperative in every industry. In fact with new entrants and advanced competitors entering the market, traditional companies are facing a “transform or die” dilemma. Although many companies have taken important steps to start their digital journey, most of them struggle to achieve a quick and significant change reaching a breakeven point in the digital world.  

Digital Orchestrators assists your company in formulating a digital vision and a roadmap, run end to end pilots that demonstrate the value of digital efforts and also initiate a plan for deploying new digital approaches.  

Our services not only build your company’s internal capabilities, but also achieve digital change at scale, at scope, and at speed. To achieve these measurable results, we have developed an enablement model that is BOT or Build-Operate-Transfer.